Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Back when my sister was visiting, O broke his arm on a playground. The story he tells is that he was: "I was 4 feet high, on a slide, then I jumped." We didn't see it so we'll never know for sure. But it wasn't a slide, which may have been part of the problem (perhaps he was trying to slide down what was actually a climbing surface with no sides and large climbing holds). His arm was really twisted and broken in two places. Anyway, I got a picture of O's cast just before it came off. This was his second. I think O was a bit disappointed to lose it. Not only because he no longer got the extra attention because of it, but he was told that he could not run, jump, or ride a bike. Surprisingly, he tried really hard to keep these rules most of the time, but it was very tough for a 3-year-old. I was initially a little concerned about the crookedness of his arm, but it was mostly due to restricted range of motion, which has improved quickly. Now he has the doctor's permission to run, jump, ride a bike and even swing on monkey bars.

And a rare photo of 3/4 of the family! Aren't they sweet?

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