Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The ultimate clothes protector. This is a pattern mom gave me. I am imagining it becoming especially useful once Oliver is feeding himself. I have to adjust the velcro placement, because the neck hole is way too big. There are straps to go around the legs.

Cloth Basket

One of my favorite projects. Made with the tutorial from Pink Penguin.

Butterfly Wings

My first post-dissertation project was to make butterfly wings. Got the idea in Australia where we saw them at a open air market in Sydney. M is modeling hers in Australia. I made a bunch, and they can be found in my Etsy shop.

A before and after

Here are some vintage finds in their original condition that I showed in the previous post.

Living Rm/Dining Rm

A big thanks to mom for helping me do some arranging while she was here last time. I got the two black mirrors from Value Village for $2 or 3 dollars each. The birdcage was also from Value Village, and was $1. I made the bird with the pattern from Spool Sewing. The table behind the couch came with our house!

Butler and Sukie

This is a Stitches for Little Ones pattern using the Sukie transfers that Amanda gave me. It was actually quite a quick project. I think it will be going in Oliver's church bag once he is older. He will probably enjoy taking the book out of the case more than the actual book. (Sometimes I think that I make toys more for my enjoyment).

All things bright...perhaps too bright

So, I was really excited about the pattern for the bag, but in the end, not about my fabric choices. This is a lesson for me. I am too easily swayed by sales, and know that I would not have chosen the turquoise fabric if not on sale. As for the table runner, I can't decide about this. I thought the muslin would help neutralize the brightness of the quilted section, but now I am not so sure. I made this for the patio table, but it doesn't really add much there. I will try it out on the patio again once the table is painted.

Apples, pears, and cherry juice

This was a gift I put together for Karla. She didn't end up getting the onesie, as, right before I was heading out to the baby shower, we were pitting some cherries. Unfortunately, the cherry juice spurted further than we realized - right on the onesie, and did not have time to clean it before leaving. Oh well.

Patio reno has begun

And it probably won't go any further for awhile. However, we just got an old table that we are going to paint black. Now we can leave our dining room table in the dining area rather than haul it out to the patio each time we have company. Anyway, we have lots of plan for this patio once we have the funds to do more!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sewing at last!

The quality of these photos are not so great. Wish I knew more about taking photos and/or had a better camera. Anyhow, I am finally having time to sew. These are two projects from Amy Butler's Little Stitches for little ones. The shoes were supposed to be size 6-9 months, but at 7 months, they were too small for Oliver. I guess I have a gift ready to go!