Sunday, October 16, 2011

maan farms

We had a great time at the farms today. I bought the Groupon for it a month or so ago and kept waiting for a sunny Sunday. Finally, it worked out!

big brother

This was a hard picture to get, but I always wanted a picture of O in this shirt with A.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A's first mommy-made dress

And I hope that there will be more! This is 'A' at 3 months. Picture taken by Pops. Pattern from Made by Rae. There. All credits given where they are due!

wedding photo

My friend Karin recently got married in Seattle. She sent me this photo of O outside the wedding venue and in front of the ice cream truck that we all got to enjoy icecream from. It was a beautiful wedding and the icecream was amazing!


We recently got a better camera, and I am enjoying it (albeit still on the automatic setting). Hmmmmm... this picture also makes me miss our old place in Langley.