Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Playdate

'O' gets a little extra practice with writing his numbers. I must admit, it was hard to get excited about counting down until Valentine's day right after we used this for the family cruise vacation followed by Christmas. It still adds a little excitement and anticipation into 'O's' day though!

Tutorial for this is found at armommy, one my new favorite blogs (new to me, I mean!). Armommy's totally rocks. Not much I could do about my ugly wall color (on Sunday we are going to paint a wall in the living room, at last...can't wait!). Anyway a fun, festive, and easy project. I made the pdf file into a png file and then cut out the letters on my Silhouette machine.

This was a way cuter valentine's mailbox in my mind. You win some, you lose some.

I made a very easy treasure hunt for the kids by hiding these hearts around the living room (cute little eraser's inside are from Superstore).

A big shout-out to all those bloggers who offer up free printables. This is from lisa storms. Just realized that this was meant to fold in half so it could stand up. Ahhh..well, next time.

And another shout-out for free printables. Check out the whole box here (from One Charming Party). So cute.  'O' chose this valentine after looking at all of my pins on my Pinterest Valentine's board.

My goal was to not stress bigtime or put in late nights for the playdate, thus, some of the cute details were missing. Such as making the toothpicks in these tomato hearts look like arrows.

'O' had great fun making these rice crispy hearts on sticks.

'O' didn't want his icing so he spoon fed it to his friend. If these two were to get married one day, how awesome would this picture be?

These jars are waiting for some strawberry milk. Took the picture beforehand because I knew it probably wouldn't happen during the playdate.

Ahh, there's the pink milk. And one sweet girl - look at that smile!

 And another sweet one.

Had to stick this one in since pictures of me are rare!

Budget Wallet

I made this for a friend. I love the idea of a budget wallet. I don't know if I'll ever get one made for myself, but I think it would be a great motivator for taking cash out according to a budget, and sticking to it.