Friday, October 5, 2012

O's Rocket Party

Seriously, this is how excited he was when he saw the house that was all ready for his party. O spent the day with Oma and Opa, his aunty, and cousins. It was such a treat for me to be able to have the time to focus on getting the party ready. The least stressful party yet, I think.

Jet packs for each of the kids, idea from here. These worked out better than I could have imagined aside from the silver paint that I used (way too sparkly and not enough silver). Sancho put the bottles together with tie wraps, so they are never coming apart and the straps are screwed to the back (these bottles are made of thicker plastic than most). The flames, however, will have to be glued into the opening over and over again.

Favors. Idea from Martha Stewart.

Astronaut ID tags. The font that I used for NASA is Nasalization RG found here

Lunches on the left. This time I kept the food very simple. It was less work for me and less sweets for the kids likely made parents happy. The adults ate fajitas.

Please don't judge my planets. I know the order, sizes, and colors are all wrong. Planet idea taken from A Little Delightful.

This cake stand was a last minute project that was a long shot (inspired by Djeco, one of my favorite toy companies). And it worked! I was so stoked. I recently learned about the wonders of foamboard and a foamboard cutter. Less than 30 minutes, people! I'll share another project made with this sometime. Because I was short on time, I was not aiming  for anywhere near perfection; I was just glad the circle 'plates' fit in the rocket slots. This rocket will not likely make it to  another party, but it worked for the evening and I was pleased.

I was very excited to find the astronauts and rockets printable from Sarah Jane Studios. You can see them on the lunch boxes, cupcakes, and ID tags.

The kids who were first to arrive started off with a low key space puzzle that could be colored on.

This was another project that I couldn't get out of my head that came together on the last day. I saw this background on a  children's fashion shot on pinterest. Each of the kids had their picture taken in the astronaut suit with the background. No, I did not make the  astronaut suit; credit goes to Costco.

My littlest astronaut.

Early on in the party planning, Sancho said that he was going to make rockets with the kids. He built a fancy rocket launcher and somehow, with water and an air compressor, these bottle rockets launched to impressive heights!

The lunches. Burritos, cheese, carrots, and grapes. Oh, and a straw to launch the paper rocket glued on a stick (idea from here).

O has had a hard time understanding that he is actually not 4 for a few more days (we had to throw the party a few days early to work around Thanksgiving). I have given up trying to convince him that he is still three. 


Amanda said...

Cute Party!!!! I can't believe you made that astronaut suit!!! Everything looks great! And I envy your kidfree day to get it ready:)

Shannon said...

Thanks. Sorry to disappoint, but I did not make the astronaut suit. Thank you Costco!

Shannon said...
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