Monday, October 14, 2013

A's Birthday

The birthday invitation. This is such a cool idea (from here), but to be honest, it didn't work out very well. I glued the tops down too tight, so they didn't send confetti and the invite flying through the air like they were supposed to. Oh well.

My sweeties. O insisted on being in the picture (it was just supposed to be of the birthday girl) and I'm glad he did. So handsome he is (says his mother). I made Amelie's top with a See Kate Sew pattern.

See what the cake was supposed to look like, here

These cake pops were made from a kit I found at Walmart around Valentine's day. They came together better than I expected!

I made 'A' a doll diaper bag with fabric diapers, a change mat, and wipes case. This is possibly the most gratifying project I have ever made because A absolutely loves it. She plays with it all. the. time. It was so worth it.

To continue in the tradition of giving credit where credit is due, here is the inspiration (okay, exact copy) for the pinata. 

Pinata loot. I had fun putting this together. And look, hardly any candy (there are some in the bag, though)!

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