Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pacific National Exhibition

I haven't been to the PNE in, oh, maybe 22 years. It was a good year to check it out again. O totally enjoyed it. We went with my sister when she was here with my niece and nephew and had a great time. We started off in the painting area. The kids loved it.


And now for some fabulous pictures of my handsome nephew and beautiful niece.

 I absolutely loved the Discovery Farm exhibit at the PNE and so did A. Unfortunately, we came back on another day when I didn't have my camera, but I took some fairly terrible iphone pics, maybe to be posted later. Each child puts on an apron and goes around the farm collecting things (apples, carrots, milk, honey, eggs, fish, wool, etc.). A caught on really quick and wanted to do everything by herself. She was collecting white eggs, and Marina asked her for a brown one. She immediately switched sides to where the brown ones are and, with much effort, reached to the back of the 'pen' and grabbed a brown one. So cute.


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